Members Subscriptions

Service and Affiliate members fees for 2023 are $40.

Membership fees can be paid for the next year from 1st November each year. Membership must be paid by 31st January each year.

Members can pay by:

  1. Placing fees in envelope with name on outside and hand to Treasurer
  2. Going to your local bank branch and having fees sent to Lara RSL Sub Branch General Business Account BSB: 633000 Account Number: 156920340
  3. Completing an online bank transfer to (b) ensuring you membership number of name is added to ‘from’ details.

A receipt will be issued when fees are in the account.

Unpaid Annual Subscriptions
  1. If a member (other than life member or members 90 years or over) not paid the annual subscription by 31 January in the year they fall due shall be refused entry to Licensed Sub-Branch premises and/or facilities, including sporting activities, and may be required to sign in as a visitor until such time as the said subscriptions are paid in full and details on the members RSL Card have been upgraded.
  2. A member of the Sub-Branch who is not a Life member or a member 90 years or older, who has not paid the annual subscription is not eligible to speak or vote at a meeting including elections and Committee or nominate for or hold any office in the Sub-Branch.
  3. A member of the Sub-Branch who is not a Life member or a member 90 years or older or an Honorary member who has not paid the annual subscription shall on 1 May cease to be a member and the members name shall be removed from the Register of members. If the member wishes to rejoin the Sub-Branch they are required to make a new application for membership.
Becoming a Member;

We have two types of membership. Service and Affiliate.

A Service member is:
Available to past or present serving members of the Australian Defence Force and Allied Armed Forces.

An Affiliate member is:
The eligible persons who may become Affiliates are those who do not qualify for Service membership and comply with the following:

  1. A person who is not eligible to be a Service member;
  2. Is eighteen years of age or older and;
  3. A person who is any relative of a person (living or deceased) who is or was eligible to be a League member;
  4. For the purposes of this rule, a relative shall be parent, grandparent, spouse, brother, sister, child, grandchild, stepchild, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephew, niece, aunt or uncle of the person who is or was eligible to be a League member.
  5. Or a person who has been awarded the Certificate of Merit or a National or State Certificate of Appreciation for giving valuable service to the League;
  6. Or a person who is, or has been, a member, for at least 6 months, of one of the following:
    • A State or Federal Police Force;
    • An Ambulance Service or Brigade;
    • A Fire Brigade or Fire Authority;
    • A State Emergency Service; or
    • A Bronze Medallion member of a Surf Life Saving Club.
  7. And has signed an Affiliate application form, as prescribed by the State Branch and has lodged it with the Sub-Branch Secretary.
New Members

To become a member of the Lara RSL Sub Branch please print out the form, fill it in and hand it to a Committee member at the Lara RSL Sub Branch or someone behind the bar during opening hours. See information on our ‘HOME’ page for hours.

A new member must read and agree to our Code of Conduct.